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Mr Color C023 Semi-Gloss Dark Green 2


1 x 10 ml Glass bottle of lacquer based paint

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Mr.COLOR hobby paint is a solvent based acrylic paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers world-wide as a model paint that delivers an outstanding finish. The use of Mr Levelling Thinner is required to thin Mr. Color paint, both to thin paint if desired, and also to clean paint brushes and airbrushes. When applying Mr.Color paint, 1 to 2 coats are recommended when using paint brushes, and 2 to 3 coats if using an airbrush to spray paint. If airbrushing Mr.Color paint, it should be thinned to a ratio of between 1 part paint and 1 to 2 parts thinner, depending on the degree of paint viscosity required.

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