Mr Hobby PS270 Mr.Procon Boy FWA Platinum Airbrush


Mr Hobby PS270 Mr.Procon Boy FWA Platinum Airbrush

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PS-270 Platinum itself is a piece of art airbrush. The foot of the airbrush is tilted backwards, while the rear-end needle cover with the tail stopper is shaped neatly and that creates very fine appearance in general. Trigger features visible holes in its root, paint cup is braided at its top and all that, added to the clean and shiny look of the metal gives one very posh appearance.

PS-270 Procon Boy FWA features 10ml cup, just enough for most of the scale modelling applications out there. For the nozzle of .2mm it might be even more than needed. The air regulation valve on the bottom of the airbrush adds to the precision, and puts that airbrush in the higher-end of tools used in our hobby.

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